Sr. Software Engineer @ Netflix (2018-current)
Full Stack javascript developer.

Sr. Software Engineer @ Tesla Motors (2016-2018)
Full Stack javascript developer.

Javascript Specialist @ (Definity First) Tesla Motors (2015 - 2016)
Full Stack javascript developer.

Software Developer @ NWM (2014-current)
Full Stack developer for web and mobile apps.

Co-Founder, Developer @ Molecular.Mx (2013-2014)
Design of human-computer interfaces with hardware and software for interactive advertising, web development, mobile applications and social networks integration.

Software Developer @ (3d Group) Sinergia Consultoría de Aplicación (2012)
Concept and implementation of systems and websites focused on various advertising agencies including augmented reality, video games and user-computer interactions.

Software Developer @ (3d Group) Geometría Connected Marketing (2011)
Worked in different areas as design, audio engineering, development of websites and mobile apps.

Instructor @ Dream Builder Studios (2011)
Professor in video game development.

Academic Studies

B.S. Telecommunications and Electronic Systems @ Tecnológico de Monterrey CCM (2008-2011)

B.S. Electronic Music Production @ G. Martell (2005-2008)

Study Abroad

Satellite Communications @ Engineering College of Copenhagen (2010)

Wireless Communications @ Budapest University of Technology and Economics (2010)

Other Studies

Advanced JavaScript @ - Online

Introduction to OAuth2, OpenID Connect and JSON Web Tokens (JWT) @ - Online

Hardcore Functional Programming in JavaScript @ - Online

CSS3 in depht @ - Online

CoffeeScript @ - Online

Creating Apps With Angular, Node, and Token Authentication @ - Online

Mobile Apps @ Tecnológico de Monterrey CCM

Development with Unity3D @ Dream Builder Studios

Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps @ University of London Coursera – Online

Human Computer Interaction @ UC San Diego – Online Coursera

Rails for Zombies @ - Online

Anatomy of Backbone.js @ - Online

Real-time Web with node.js @ - Online

Backend Pro @ - Online

Frontend Pro @ - Online

PHP with MySQL Essential Training @ - Online

Ruby on Rails Essential Training @ - Online

Node.js Essential Training @ - Online

iOS App Development Essential Training @ - Online

Concept Art @ Mostro Studios

3D Design with Cinema 4D @ Dream Builder Studios

Image Processing for Biomedicine @ Tecnológico de Monterrey CCM

Acoustics applied to open environments @ Nexo